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Lego House Instructions

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Lego City, City house
City house 8403
Type: Lego City
Year: 2010


Lego Rescue, Fire House
Fire House 0570
Type: Lego Rescue
Year: 1973


Lego Rescue, Fire House-I
Fire House-I 6385
Type: Lego Rescue
Year: 1986


Lego City, Firehouse
Type: Lego City
Year: 1958


Lego Creator, Holiday House
Holiday House 4996
Type: Lego Creator
Year: 2008


Lego City, House
Type: Lego City


Lego City, House with Roof windows
House with Roof windows 1854
Type: Lego City
Year: 1996


Lego City, Houses
Houses 1484
Type: Lego City
Year: 1987


Lego Creator, Lego house
Lego house 4956
Type: Lego Creator
Year: 2007


Lego Creator, Tina's House
Tina's House 4172
Type: Lego Creator
Year: 2001


Lego City, Town House
Town House 6372
Type: Lego City
Year: 1982


Lego Creator, Ultimate House Building Set
Ultimate House Building Set 5482
Type: Lego Creator
Year: 2006


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