Lego Dacta Instructions

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LEGO® Lego Dacta sets are a great childrens toy. They can be great if you can pick them up in a toy sale, or in the childrens toy section of sites like eBay. Children have loved playing with Lego for many years. They are the kind of toy that will last forever. The Lego Dacta sets are a great series that are sure to bring lots of enjoyment for your children.

To view the Lego Dacta instructions for a particular set, click on the title of that set.

LEGO® 9261
Released in ????
Dacta Roof Bricks

LEGO® 9277
Released in ????
Basic Figures And Animals

LEGO® 9275
Released in ????
Medium Lego Dacta Basic Set

LEGO® 9263
Released in ????

LEGO® 9324
Released in 2007
Micro Building Set

LEGO® 9089
Released in 2004
Tubes Experiment Set

LEGO® 9409
Released in 2003
Elephant Wall

LEGO® 9273
Released in 2000
Large Lego Dacta Basic Set

LEGO® 9129
Released in 1999
Little Forest Friends

LEGO® 9301
Released in 1999
Traffic Signs

LEGO® 9203
Released in 1998
Tech Machines

LEGO® 9376
Released in 1997
Castle Set

LEGO® 9085
Released in 1997
Duplo Basic Building Bricks

LEGO® 9173
Released in 1997
Duplo Farm

LEGO® 9654
Released in 1997
Early Simple Machines Ii Set

LEGO® 9701
Released in 1995
Control Lab Building Set

LEGO® 9630
Released in 1993
Simple Mechanisims Set

LEGO® 9364
Released in 1993

LEGO® 9365
Released in 1993
Community Vehicles

LEGO® 9610
Released in 1993
Gears Set

LEGO® 9612
Released in 1993
Levers Set

LEGO® 9616
Released in 1993
Wheels And Axles Set

LEGO® 9162
Released in 1992
Duplo Boats

LEGO® 9252
Released in 1992
Introduction Theme Pack

LEGO® 9159
Released in 1992
Duplo World People

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