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Lego Rescue Instructions

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LEGO® Lego Rescue sets are a great childrens toy. They can be great if you can pick them up in a toy sale, or in the childrens toy section of sites like eBay. Children have loved playing with Lego for many years. They are the kind of toy that will last forever. The '. $instructions->categoryName .' sets are a great series that are sure to bring lots of enjoyment for your children.

To view the '.$instructions->categoryName.' instructions for a particular set, click on the thumbnail image or title of that set.

LEGO® 6407 from 1997
Fire Chief

LEGO® 6486 from 1997
Fire Engine

LEGO® 6525 from 1995
Blaze Commander

LEGO® 6614 from 1995
Launch Evac 1

LEGO® 1702 from 1994
Fire Fighter 4 X 4

LEGO® 6340 from 1994
Hook And Ladder

LEGO® 6666 from 1994

LEGO® 6511 from 1992
Rescue Jeep

LEGO® 1656 from 1991
Resque Crew

LEGO® 6531 from 1991
Fire Helicopter

LEGO® 6593 from 1991
Fire Engine

LEGO® 6389 from 1990
Fire Control Center

LEGO® 6356 from 1988
Rescue Plane

LEGO® 6643 from 1988
Fire Jeep

LEGO® 6505 from 1988
Fire Chiefs Car

LEGO® 6380 from 1988
Emergency Treatment Center

LEGO® 6480 from 1987
L-s Hook And Ladder Truck

LEGO® 6523 from 1987
Small Ambulance

LEGO® 6358 from 1987
Snorkel Squad

LEGO® 6385 from 1986
Fire House-i

LEGO® 6612 from 1986
Fire Chiefs Car

LEGO® 6688 from 1985

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